Mohagher Iqbal signed Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro with a fake name

To defend that he is travelling with a Philippine passport, Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal showed to media a copy of his Philippine passport, however, with a different name. Iqbal chose to cover his real name in the said copy of his passport. Davao City Representative Karlo Alexei Nograles asks that “is it legally binding on the MILF if their representative signs with a fake name?”

The comprehensive agreement made by Mohagher who otherwise is observed to be a mild, soft hearted person invoked lot of controversy in the process of this agreement, more info on this was made on a resumption, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front-MILF leader had used his alias name in signing the peace agreement way back in 2012, which other political parties and analyst had raised it as a point of discussion. Great minds think big, and work for the peace in a nation rather than thinking trivially on small issues.

The person who signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro to represent the MILF as MILF Panel Chair was named Mohagher Iqbal. CAB was signed March 27, 2014. He also signed the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro representing MILF on October 15, 2012.

“What other concealment, deceptions and hidden secrets are behind the peace agreement? No wonder our officials in the Bureau of Immigration could not find any travel records belonging to Mohagher Iqbal because that is not his real name. So please tell us for the sake of transparency what is the real name of Mohagher Iqbal?” the Davao City representative added.

Philippine government chief peace negotiator Miriam Coronel Ferrer said that they are aware that Mohagher Iqbal is not a real name. “On the matter of passports, we know that Mohagher Iqbal is not the real name, we’ve known it all along. He even has a pen name.”

With this, Nograles said “it is very discomforting to be told by no less than the government chief negotiator Miriam Coronel Ferrer that government has always known that Mohagher Iqbal is not a real name.

“Are you implying that Congress has always known this? Are you saying Congress is estopped? We do not agree. I’m sorry to say but for most if not all of my colleagues in Congress this is a new revelation. And for the general Filipino public we have always in good faith believed that when our government peace panel say that they are dealing with someone named Mohagher Iqbal we take that as a guarantee that this is his real name.”

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