DND-AFP buying twelve 155mm towed Howitzers

The Department of National Defense-Armed Forces of the Philippines is applying the amount of PhP438.6 million for the acquisition of twelve 155mm Towed Howitzer with 240 rounds of high explosive ammunition including an integrated logistics support package.

Winning bidder must completely deliver all the goods in 360 calendar days upon the issuance of Letter of Credit. Bid opening will be on March 19. The fund will be from Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program.

The same project was initiated March of last year, with similar SARO NR BMB-D-13-0002663, Israeli Elbit Systems Ltd. was declared as lowest calculated bidder with PhP368.84 million bid. With the same project undergoing ‘re-bidding’ may mean that Elbit was not able to pass the post-qualification stage.

A howitzer can fire different types of projectiles like high explosives, smokes (white phosphorus or sulfur trioxide), chemicals or illuminations.