Trillanes: Norberto Gonzales plans coup against Aquino administration

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said former national security adviser and former Arroyo-administration defense secretary Norberto Gonzales Jr. was one of those who are planning to destabilize the Aquino administration Monday.

Trillanes was asked if the former Cabinet secretary was part of the coup plot, he said “yes”. He added, Gonzales’ role is to spread confusion in the country.

The senator described Gonzales as “a sociopath” who would do anything he has in mind.

“My exact term was there are people planning to oust the President so it’s not really the conventional coup but they’re hoping to recruit members, active members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the Philippine National Police,” Trillanes said.

The coup issue was brought up during the Senate hearing on the Maguindanao encounter last Thursday, February 12. Senator Miriam Santiago mentioned that “a rich man” was behind a coup plot against the present administration.