BRP Ramon Alcaraz now fitted with Bushmaster

Philippine Fleet Public Affairs Officer Lt. Liezel Vidallon confirms to state-run news agency the installation of Mark 38 25mm “Bushmaster” auto-cannon for BRP Ramon Alcaraz which transpired last November. Prior to confirmation, photos of a Del Pilar class frigate with installed Bushmaster were uploaded in a social networking site.

The said auto-cannon will act as secondary weapon to compliment warship’s 76mm Oto Melara main gun.

Bushmaster is a remote-controlled, chain driven, single-barrel weapon which may be fired in semi-automatic, burst, or automatic modes. The gun can destroy lightly armored vessels and aerial targets such as helicopters and slow-flying aircraft.

It can also suppress enemy positions such as exposed troops, dug-in positions, and occupied built-up areas. It can fire at 200 rounds per minute. The weapon has an effective range of 3,000 meters.

BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF-15) will be fitted with the same weapon within February to June.