Jacinto-class corvettes receiving ups: 76mm and 25mm guns, fire control, ammos

Department of National Defense is upgrading three Jacinto class patrol corvettes divided in two projects. In two invitation to bid documents the Defense Department is looking for firms who could upgrade the BRP Emilio Jacinto, BRP Apolinario Mabini and BRP Artemio Ricarte with allocated budget of PhP630.6 million and PhP224 million.

Combined Phase 3 projects will restore and sustain Oto Melara 76mm and MSI Seahawk 25mm Bushmaster guns of three patrol vessels. It will also provide the vessels with new electro-optical fire control system.

Also included in the project is the procurement of Jacinto class vessels’ ammunition. Bid opening for two separate projects will be on February 10 of this year.

These vessels were commissioned for service last 1997 and are currently in Philippine Navy patrol force.