US-PHL security alliance: The real goal

Julio S. Amador III, Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Service Institute of the Philippines (FSI), highlights the real objective between US-PHL security alliance in a publication published by East-West Center entitled Eyes on the Prize? The Philippines-US Alliance and Defense Modernization. “The Philippines must not lose sight of the fact that the goal is to achieve credible defense and a sustainable modern military at par with its regional neighbors in ASEAN,” Amador says in the article.

“Self-help remains the name of the game in international security, but assistance from allies and other partners should not be rejected, but used judiciously while defense modernization is underway,” he adds.

The FSI official also mentioned that while legal questioning on Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is important, “the problem of defense modernization and credibility is going to be a continuing problem that needs to be addressed.”