Air Force needs more multi-role fighter aircraft

The government is not setting aside plan for acquiring additional FA-50s from Korea Aerospace Industries. Department of National Defense Undersecretary Fernando said buying additional Fighting Eagle can’t be ruled out nor confirmed.

“What I know for sure is that we have an existing requirement for multi-role fighter aircraft,” Manalo said. “Acquisition of additional FA-50s depends on KAI and how much it will invest to upgrade and further develop the F/A-50s.”

He added that twelve FA-50s already bought from South Korean KAI are not enough given that the Philippine Air Force has huge capability gap.

It will also depend on what standard size of squadron the Air Force will adapt. “Squads of 12 to 24 or about 36? It is included in the Flight Plan of the Air Force. I would say the 12 is not enough – way below what is needed by the Air Force,” says the DND official responsible for finance, munition, modernization and materiel.