DND strongly denies misuse of emergency funds

Department of National Defense answers Commission on Audit’s findings that big part of its 2013 P352.5 million Quick Reaction Funds were not properly used. COA said that DND used the fund for “acquisition of equipment, petroleum, oil and lubricants, training, construction/repairs and improvement which were not all consistent with the purposes of QRF.”

“This DND QRF varies from the other National Government Agency QRFs which, for example, in the case of the DSWD QRF are used for relief goods and social services; and, likewise, the DPWH QRF which is used to clear and repair roads and bridges to make them passable at the soonest instance,” DND spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez said.

“The provision of fuel for all aircraft, ships, trucks and other equipment that were placed on stand-by and which were employed for this purpose” is critical to the mobilization so that the DND-AFP can respond, he added. “In fact, during ‘Yolanda’ in November 2013, fuel allocated as war reserves were utilized as we are committed not to stop until the job is done; and this same fuel needs to be replenished.”

Galvez adds that it is important to enhance capacities and capabilities of first responders in disasters.