DND set to issue notice of award for eight amphibious assault vehicles

Department of National Defense is set to issue to the sole eligible bidder – South Korea’s Samsung Techwin – Notice of Award for eight brand-new amphibious assault vehicles for Philippine Marine Corps of Philippine Navy.

“The vehicles will be utilized to land the surface assault elements of the landing force and their equipment in a single lift from the assault shipping during amphibious operations to inland objectives and to conduct mechanized operations and related combat support missions in subsequent operations ashore,” says Navy Vice-commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad as reported by state-run news agency.

The said acquisition project has a budget of 2.5 billion pesos. Samsung Techwin presented an offer with 76 million pesos lower than the approved budget.

“Similarly for humanitarian assistance disaster relief operations for devastated areas, having the capability of beaching during ship-to-shore movement of troops and cargoes,” Taccad added.

Complete delivery of units is within 910 calendar days from effectivity of contract.