US on EDCA: We have a very good agreement

United States Ambassador to Philippines Philip Goldberg defends Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which is constitutionality is now being studied by Philippine Supreme Court.

“We have a very good agreement that is in the mutual interest of both countries. It provides for further deepening of our mutual defense,” Goldberg told TV5.

“People here have to realize is what EDCA does is to provide further ability of two countries to work together, to operate together through co-location of our rotating presence here,” the ambassador added.

Office of the Solicitor General filed a 42-page Memorandum to the Supreme Court to strengthen Aquino administration’s position over EDCA. It says that EDCA is a valid executive agreement that could stand even without the concurrence of the Senate.

The SolGen added that Senate’s, as a whole, “silence and non-participation in the petitions is an affirmation of the President’s characterization of the EDCA as an executive agreement.”