Korina Sanchez declared persona non grata in Japan a fake news

A satirical and fictional news website posted an article today about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declaring Filipino news reporter Korina Sanchez a persona non grata. The said fake news was spread over social networking sites.

According to the satire news provider, Abe wholeheartedly declared Korina Sanchez as an unwelcome person anywhere in Japan for hoping – during the December 3 episode of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol – Typhoon Ruby would entirely hit Japan instead of the Philippines.

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The website was an eye opener:

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It added that Abe ‘half-heartedly’ declared former Vice President Noli de Castro persona non grata for wishing that half of typhoon Hagupit would go to Japan.

Many of Filipinos online believed the said satire news, while some knew it was a fake news.

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