CPP-NPA looks forward to Pope Francis’ visit

Armed Forces of the Philippines Central Command keeps an eye on New People’s Army in Cebu and Leyte as the visit of Roman Catholic’s Pope Francis draws near.

“In our area of responsibility, we still have the NPA. That is the group we’re looking into that may sow violence – we hope they will not. There’s going to be a big problem if they sow violence,” said Central Command spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Jim Alagao said.

However Communist Party of Philippines downplayed the said NPA-threat. “Together with the rest of the Filipino people, the CPP, the NPA and all revolutionary forces look forward to Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines.”

“Through his visit, the Filipino people hope to draw attention to the outstanding problems of poverty, exploitation of workers, land monopolies and feudal oppression, the wide gap between the super-rich ruling elite and the rest of the toiling people, human rights violations and the widespread use of state terror against the people,” CPP added.

It added that the said threat just wants to “justify the deployment of large numbers of troops and the imposition of repressive policies against the people, especially in Samar and Leyte and other areas to be visited by the Pope.”