Abu Sayyaf financing leader arrested at NAIA

Ustadz Burhan Malban Mundos, alias Burhan Mundos was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Sunday, November 20 arriving from Zamboanga City. Mundos is believed to be a sponsorship operator for the Abu Sayyaf terror group.

The arrest was confirmed by Intelligence Group of the Philippine National Police Director Chief Superintendent Fernando Mendez yesterday November 30. “He ignored questions thrown at him by our anti-terrorist investigators,” the PNP-IG director said.

In late 1990s and early 2000s, Mundos helped construct mosques and Arabic schools and Koranic circles in Basilan, Zamboanga and Sulu through the foundation Ship of Salvation to channel funds for Abu Sayyafs. Said funds were from Saudi Arabian nationals. Funds were used to bomb Central Mindanao and Zamboanga City, as confessed by arrested ASG members.

Burhan Mundos traveled to KSA in late 1997 to take up Islamic propagation course. Burhan Mundos has a brother named Khair. Khair was again arrested early June this year after escaping jail in 2007.

At present, the terror group is sourcing its funds to operate from ransom and extortion money collected from kidnap victims’ families, local officials and businessmen.