Office of the President: Chinese poachers no prison time, good for deportation

Office of the President said today, November 27 that nine Chinese poachers may go home to China through deportation after paying fine of USD100,000 for poaching and USD2,600 for violating the Wildlife Resource Conservation Act each. Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Sonny Coloma said Chinese Embassy does not need to demand unconditional release from Philippine government.

“According to the Department of Justice, through Prosecutor General Claro Arellano, they have already served the penalty of subsidiary imprisonment for the offense of poaching and for the possession [of endangered species],” Coloma said.

“The court imposed a penalty of payment of fines. Upon payment of the fines, they are deemed to have served the penalty fully, and there is no further impediment for them to leave the country,” Coloma added.

Foreign Affairs Albert del Rosario earlier said China should respect the decision of Philippine court. “The penalties imposed on the nine Chinese fishermen were a decision of the judiciary, a separate but equal branch of the Philippine government.”