Three US ships scheduled for port visit to PHL cancelled

Port calls of three United States military ships in Subic Bay, Olongapo this month was cancelled, this was confirmed by Department of Foreign Affairs. The DFA was informed by US through normal diplomatic channels. According to the communication, cancellation was due to “operational reasons.”

“We don’t see the ongoing case to be a reason,” DFA Spokesman Assistant Secretary Charles Jose said. A US marine is currently involve in the slay of a Filipino transgender. Private first class Joseph Scott Pemberton is the main suspect. Pemberton was part of the recent naval exercise between US and Philippine troops.

“The reconsideration of the visit is normal occurrence as US ships are deployed in many areas of the Pacific and subject to changing operational requirements,” Jose explained.

“Usually the purpose of port calls is for repair, and operational reasons. We can say that they are not related to the joint military exercises, they are not related at all.”

It was reported that additional six US warships scheduled for port call before the year ends were cancelled. However, Jose said Philippine government was not yet notified on the said cancellation.