One 82-meter offshore patrol vessel from France arriving on 2016

French shipbuilder OCEA will be producing a brand-new 82-meter offshore patrol vessel for the Philippine Coast Guard. According to IHS Jane’s, the French shipbuilder confirmed to them that the 82-meter OPV will be based on OCEA’s new OPV270.

The PhP4.8 billion contract with the French shipbuilder includes four 24-meter FPB72 patrol boats. The bigger vessel is expected to be delivered in 2016.

“The President has ordered the procurement of additional ships for the Coast Guard,” Vice Commandant for Operation Rear Admiral Luis Tuason said in 2012. “We have a forthcoming one unit 82-meter and four 24-meter long brand new patrol vessels from France.”

The acquisition of 82-meter and four 24-meter patrol vessels is part of Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project.

Meanwhile, during the 113th anniversary celebration of PCG, President Benigno S. Aquino III said that delivery of ten bran-new 40-meter Multi-Role Response Vessels from Japan will start next year. One unit will arrive October of next year, two more on March 2016, other two on September 2016, three more on April 2017 and the final two on September 2017.

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Acquisition of ten MRRVs is part of government’s Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project.

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