AFP medical, dental services upgrading through Modernization Act

AFP under Department of National Defense is procuring equipment to modernize Armed Forces of the Philippines medical and dental services capabilities. An approve budget of PhP33.4 million will be used to acquire fifteen brand-new hospital equipment.

Fourteen medical equipment and one dental equipment will be procured under AFP Modernization Act. Winning bidder will have to supply, deliver and install the procured assets.

Included in the list of equipment are two Carbon Dioxide Incubator, Binocular Microscope, Complete Set of Spinal Instrumentation, Pneumatic Tourniquet, Vacuum Assisted Compression Dressing Device, Harmonic Scalpel Generator, Video Thoracoscope, Transnasal Transphenoidal Neuroendoscopy, Brain Retractor, Bispectral Index Monitor, three Portable Operating Room Spotlight, three Patient Controlled Analgesia Machine, Intermittent Compression Machine, Pulley En Tree and ten Autoclave Sterilizer (Dental).

Each line item has a specific approved budget for contract. Deadline for the submission of bids and the opening will be on November 20.

“We are steadily addressing our Armed Forces’ capability upgrade. Our bids and awards committees at the DND are doing their best to fast-track our acquisitions, while fully adhering to the established rules and procedures set by law,” National Defense Secretary Gazmin said earlier this year.

Operating rooms of AFP Medical Center were already upgraded.