Pamittan to receive an award from AFP

Forty-four year old Technical Sergeant Mariano Pamittan will be awarded with a plaque of recognition by Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Gregorio Pio Catapang, Jr on Monday, October 27. Pamittan was recognized for his professionalism and restraint during the intrusion of Marc Sueselbeck and Marilou Laude, the fiance and sister of Jennifer Laude at the Mutual Defense Board-Security Engagement Board facility.

Pamittan is a native of Cagayan and came from a clan of soldiers. He is also a non-commissioned officer assigned as security personnel to PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton, who is involved in the murder of a Filipino transgender in Olongapo City. Pamittan was assaulted and pushed by Sueselbeck.

According to Pamittan, he informed Sueselbeck that he may possibly get arrested for entering a restricted area. Pamittan also said that he understands Laude’s relatives who under duress entered the facility.

“I told him and Marilou that they are intruding inside a restricted area. I reminded them I could arrest and detain them in our stockade,” according to Pamittan.

“I understand that they have valid concerns. I also sympathize to the family because they lost a loved one. I also want them to have justice and closure for their loss. However, I have a duty I must fulfill, which is to secure Pemberton who also has his own rights. That is why despite their misbehavior, I exerted tolerance,” Pamittan added.

Sueselbeck had already asked apology for pushing a Filipino soldier.