PNoy: Expect significant accomplishments against Abu Sayyaf

The Filipino people can expect significant accomplishments in the campaign against the terror group Abu Sayyaf in the coming weeks, President Aquino said during an event organized by foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines admitted that some factors are affecting their efforts against the bandits. One of the main factor that hinders their campaign is heavy rain. In tracking operations, rain is a challenge for military troops because traces are washed out.

Another hindrance is the Sayyafs incorporate themselves among civilians.

But Task Force Sulu Commander Col. Allan Arrojado said “We have already entered their enclave that for so long the troops could not patrol… It is just a matter of time and with a lot of patience we can nail them down.”

The President said that the terror group has around 200 armed men.

After the freeing of two German hostages, Aquino ordered for a round the clock offensive campaign. “Wala silang humpay at palagay ko naman dapat rin tapatan ng estado na walang humpay ‘yung pagtutugis sa kanila.”