Certain amount of money delivered, no beheading yet

After the deadline given by Abu Sayyaf lapsed, beheading of a German hostage did not push through. According to a certain Al Kataib, aide of Abu Sayyaf spokesman Abu Rami, a certain amount of money was delivered to them.

No details were given on who provided the money. According to the aide, ASG spokesperson Abu Rami will release a statement.

According to reports, the terror group will still go for the full payment of PhP250 million and will still call for Germany’s withdrawal of support in the campaign against Islamic State militants in Middle East.

ASG spokesman Abu Rami earlier said that Armed Forces of the Philippines should back off from their current positions. “If something happens to this person before the execution they should blame the AFP,” Rami said through Radio Mindanao Network. “They need to withdraw. They are surrounding us and this is not good. We will kill the German if they won’t back off.”

However, AFP and Philippine National Police will still carry on with its law enforcement operations. AFP public affairs office chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc said that they will not negotiate. No further details were given on the current movement of AFP and PNP.