Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force training squadron coming to Manila

Three vessels of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) will be arriving on Monday, October 13 for a four-day goodwill visit.

The training squadron consisting of Japanese Defense Ship Kashima (TV-3508), JDS Setoyuki (TV-3518), JDS Asagiri (DD-127) will be docking in the port of Manila with almost a thousand officers and crews under Japan Training Squadron in the command of Rear Admiral Hideki Yuasa.

JDS Kashima (TV-3508) is a training ship and the flagship of JMSDF training squadron. While the JDS Setoyuki (TV-3518) is a destroyer carrying an anti-submarine helicopter. JDS Asagiri (DD-127) is also a training vessel.

According to Philippine Navy, “the Japanese vessels will arrive at the Port of Manila. During the visit from October 13 to 16, there will be a wreath-laying ceremony at Rizal Shrine at Luneta Park, Manila, goodwill games, and shipboard tour.”

Japanese Embassy in Manila said, “JMSDF ships have visited Manila more than 50 times since 1966, making it one of the most frequent destinations for JMSDF’s training squadron and indicating the strong relations between the Philippine Navy and the JMDSF.” Rear Admiral Hideki Yuasa will make courtesy call to Philippine military ranking officials and will lead the laying of wreath at Rizal Monument in Luneta park.

Just like the Philippines, Japan is entangled in a maritime spat with China.