Marines seized an island in Palawan, two Harriers helped

Marine troops from 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit and Marine Battalion Landing Team 12 seized Arricife Island in Narra, Palawan.

In a news release written by 1st Lt. Jerber Anthony Belonio of Philippine Navy the Marines raided the island after two Harrier AV-8 jets bombed the island. Lawless group occupies the said island.

The drill is part of PHIBLEX 15. The scenario is – an island was taken over by lawless group and made it as their training ground. To retake the island the marines needed to launch an amphibious operation.

Two Harrier jets provided the team with close-air support. Nineteen rubber boats were utilized for the said simulated mission.

“After they successfully secured their objective, the marines turned over the island to the local civilian authorities,” 1st Lt. Jerber Anthony Belonio said in the news release.

“We’re hoping to gain new techniques from the U.S. marine corps. If they have new doctrines, we’ll be able to learn from them,” Palawan-based 3rd Marine Brigade spokesperson Captain Reyson Talingdan.