PHL, US troops retake an island in simulated situation

During a Thursday, September 2 PHIBLEX 15 activity, Philippine and US troops retake an island in a simulated situation. Approximately a hundred troops carried out the drill in few minutes. Japanese troops were observing the activity.

PHL-US is the oldest defense alliance in Southeast Asian region. Soldiers from two countries are from time to time testing and updating emergency response capabilities for various kinds of situations.

“We’re hoping to gain new techniques from the U.S. marine corps. If they have new doctrines, we’ll be able to learn from them,” Palawan-based 3rd Marine Brigade spokesperson Captain Reyson Talingdan.

Majority of the drills for PHIBLEX 15 will be held at Palawan near the disputed waters.

“The field training exercises will provide the Philippines and U.S marine units multiple opportunities to continue to improve their skills while sharing best practices and enhancing an already high level of cohesion,” U.S. embassy in Manila said.