AFP receives final order to finish Abu Sayyaf

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is conducting joint military operations as part of ending Abu Sayyaf group presence in parts of Western Mindanao. Both Philippine Army and Marines are being utilize after an ultimatum to finish the terror group was ordered.

“The ultimatum is to finish the activity of the group. We have troops augmentation in the areas of the Abu Sayyaf that arrived yesterday to augment the marines so that it will be a joint operation the areas,” Gazmin said while at Western Mindanao Command with AFP Chief Catapng and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

Gazmin added that operations are already on going before, however, activities now are focused to track down the exact location of Abu Sayyaf group.

The AFP leadership believes the terror group in Mindanao is riding with the attention Islamic State is getting to attract more recruits.

On the other-hand, Abu Sayyaf also gave an ultimatum for German and Philippine government to respond with the group’s demand. The group is asking PhP250 million for the release of two German hostages. If the demand is not met until October 10, hostages will be put to harm.