International tribunal’s decision on West PHL Sea has a weight

Amid the position that if ever the international tribunal issues a decision regarding the West Philippine Sea China will not abide, Philippine government is confident the decision will “hold a weight.”

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said, “we understand that it’s the proper tribunal to take our concerns, to lodge our concerns with. A decision from that will hold weight.”

China’s National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) president Wu Shicun said President Aquino is not acting enough to improve ties between Philippines and China.

“China will not follow or implement once the tribunal makes a final award in the case,” Wu iterated. He said Philippines must hold a bilateral talk with China instead of going to international tribunal.

Wu is also optimistic the two countries will regain healthy relationship after Aquino’s term on 2016.

Valte downplayed the statement of Wu. She added that the President was able to get support from European countries that he visited in the past few days. The European Union supports the path Philippines chose to solve the dispute with China.

Philippine government is confident that maritime spat is not the summary of PHL-China relationship. The international tribunal is expected to make a decision first quarter of 2016.