China expects better relationship with PHL after PNoy

China will not abide with the judgment of the international tribunal whether it will side with Philippines or not. National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) president Wu Shicun told reporters that the maritime dispute is too sensitive and complicated.

Wu Shicun added the dispute will remain to be unresolved. “The only way to go forward is to put aside the South China Sea dispute.”

NISCSS operates to provide policy guidance regarding South China Sea issues.

The institute’s head said Philippines and China should have high-level meetings. He suggested that president of both countries must personally meet.

“We used to enjoy our good relationship, economically and politically. The Philippines is China’s bigger neighbor. In this regard, I am optimistic that maybe after 2016, China will enjoy better relationship that it enjoyed before,” Wu Shicun said. He noted that currently these two nations lack mutual trust.

According to him, President Aquino have done little to improve the ties between Philippines and China. He insisted that the only way to solve disputes is via bilateral talks.

In 2016, Philippine national elections will be held. It is expected that a new president will sit.