Japan and PH want China to act within established principles

Lawmakers from Philippines and Japan signed a document entitled Joint Document for Cooperation on Promotion of the Rule of Law at Sea that calls on all parties involve to resolve maritime disputes peacefully.

“Both [Japan and Philippines] are democratic states, we believe, parliamentarians, the legislatures have a role to play to discuss issues among themselves and make recommendations to their respective governments so this conflict can be resolved under international auspices. What’s important is we achieve peace in the seas in the world,” said Hiroshi Nakada, a lawmaker from Japan.

“Of course the sea as we know has been a peaceful sea for many years, but recently it has also become a sea of conflict,” Nakada added said.

“And the reason for this is the unilateral use of force in order to change the status quo and this is the reality that we can’t deny.”

“What we are trying to do here is essentially to make China aware that the global community wants China to act within established principles (2002 Declaration on the Code of Conduct) that have been agreed upon,” Hiroshi Nakada explained.

Representative Rodolfo Biazon said, “I agree with the mounting of a campaign by nations interested, nations that are directly affected and that are indirectly affected.”

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