Prosecutor sees no presidential pardon for Chinese poachers

Palawan chief prosecutor Alen Rodriguez said he sees no presidential pardon for 9 Chinese poachers, caught with live and dead sea turtles, in case they are convicted for poaching and possession of endangered species. It is expected that these poachers will be jailed for 12 to 20.

“In the past, during the time of President Arroyo, she issued pardon to some Chinese fishermen and were allowed to go home. But under the Aquino administration, I have not heard of such incident at the moment.”

“There is overwhelming evidence and we can just not turn the other way and let them leave. I am confident we will get the conviction,” Rodriguez added.

Rafael Alunan III, a former cabinet member said, “The fishermen are part of the salami slice strategy of China. They are using their fishing fleets, fishermen, their civilian ships, to poach, occupy, reclaim. They’re using their civilian assets and the fishermen are at the vanguard.”

Trial of these 9 Chinese poachers will be held this week.

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