Anti-Chinese ‘bombers’ are Ely Pamatong’s men

Ely Pamatong confirms connection with Anti-Chinese ‘bombers’ claiming to be member of United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East.

“He (Grandeur Guerrero) is one of the best persons and leaders I ever had for 12 years. He is my chief-of-staff.”

“He (Grandeur Guerrero) was framed by the Magdalo faction of Senator Trillanes,” Pamatong said adding that Trillanes is a Chinese secret agent.

Guerrero with Emmanuel San Pedro and Sonny Yohanon were arrested in NAIA terminal 3.

“I don’t think it was a terror attack, because you know, they were just firecrackers,” said General Gregorio Catapang.  “I heard it was pla-pla. We were told that there were gasoline containers, but not that big.”

“Well, you remember that there was a guy who wanted attention – he threw some metal spikes along EDSA. These aren’t barbarous acts, but comic relief, maybe. Getting attention.”

“Pamatong has been notorious for doing these things,” Catapang said.

“He is part of our continuous monitoring but he is not really a threat to us. Just so happened that he was trying to present himself as a prankster.”

Pamatong with his group are known to be anti-Chinese. He even declared war against China last 2011 by burning flags.

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