Del Pilar class frigates to be fitted with CIWS, Harpoon missiles

“Our initial target is for the Del Pilar frigates to have the same capabilities as the Hamilton-class did when they were in US service, such as having the Phalanx CIWS and Harpoon anti-ship missiles,” Marine Colonel Eric Nicanor, commander of the PN’s Naval Communications, Electronic and Information Center and chairman of the technical working group for the Del Pilar-class frigate upgrade told IHS Jane’s.

He also said that they are looking to possibility of fitting Del Pilar class firgates with weapon and sensor system same with the upcoming brand new frigates the Navy is acquiring. In this way, maintenance and logistics will be simplified, as well as training.

“We are also discussing whether the combat systems and sensors should be the same as the frigates that will be acquired in the future.”

Another possibility is to acquire different systems for Del Pilar class frigates for Navy to experience and access variety of systems.

“We are still discussing and conducting the studies as to which of the two approaches we should consider regarding the Del Pilar upgrade and we also want surface-to-air missile capability for them, so we are studying the options for that also.”

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