Navy has a standing order, China can’t build structure in Recto Bank

“They’re not only patrolling in the area, they are also installing their own markers. While they’re continuously putting up their own maritime markers at Recto Bank, we are also continuously blasting them,” a security official told Philippine Star.

According to report, the Philippine Navy in mid-July launched an operation to remove markers in Recto Bank placed by China.

In a recent statement by Department of Foreign Affairs regarding Recto Bank, DFA said “in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Philippines has the exclusive sovereign rights over the Reed bank. No other state is lawfully entitled to assert sovereignty or sovereign rights over the said area.”

Philippine Navy Special Operations Group

Philippine Navy Special Operations Group

A Naval officer said they have a standing order not to allow building of any foreign structures in the Philippine controlled maritime territory. “It would be a different story if anybody or groups will force their way into Recto Bank. We will not allow it.”

Seismic surveys indicate that the Recto Bank is rich in oil and gas deposits. A Philippine authorized firm will start drilling in Recto Bank early 2016.

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