Philippine military don’t need to be in par with China, PNoy

President Aquino said during an exclusive interview aired by TV5 Sunday night, the Armed Forces of the Philippines really needs to be equipped with modern hardware. But having said that, Philippines don’t need to be in parity or some semblance of parity with China’s military.

Aquino noted that China has nuclear power and China is indeed a military super power. He added that our constitution does not allow the government to invest in nuclear weapons.

On earlier report, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said “The Armed Forces of the Philippines is drawing closer to its projected minimum defense posture with the expected deliveries of more equipment under its modernization program.”

“We are getting closer to our desired state in terms of capability and readiness,” Gazmin noted.

Gazmin said that Philippine military will reach the state of having minimum credible defense in 2016.

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