Bongbong Marcos calls for PH-China bilateral talks to solve maritime dispute

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said Philippines should enter into bilateral talks with China to resolve the growing tension in West Philippine Sea. “The conflict is between China and Philippines. Only the ones who can resolve this territorial dispute are China and the Philippines, not the United States, and not any other third country.”

According to Marcos, China is calling and open for bilateral talks. “I cannot see why we don’t do that. This problem cannot be fixed unless the two parties talked,” Marcos added. “How will you come to an agreement if you’re not even talking?”

“We know that China wanted all kinds of energy products. So let’s take advantage of that, they’re rich and willing to pay as they have shown all around the world. They’re willing to put billions in Africa to acquire their minerals. Australia did not have a recession because of all the mineral exports. Even in the Philippines, everything we’re mining goes to China. That’s an opportunity for us.”

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“Sit down, have a table and have a talk. Lay out the problems one by one. The Chinese are very pragmatic,” Marcos noted. “They will listen to sense if you have a sensible and reasonable proposal.”

The Philippine government pushes for Triple action plan to solve maritime disputes.

TAP contains three phases, the immediate which is the call for a moratorium on activities that escalates tensions like reclamation and drilling in South China Sea, intermediate is the full and effective implementation of the DOC and the expeditious conclusion of the Code of Conduct, and the final which is a final and enduring resolution anchored on international law – decision if international tribunal.

The Chinese government is firm that they own virtually the entire South China Sea including West Philippine Sea and Spratly Islands.

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