Vilma Santos qualified for vice-president but needs to rest

In an interview with DWIZ, Senate Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said that his wife Batangas Governor Vilma Santos must take a rest from public service though she is qualified to run as vice-president coming 2016.

“She’s been able already to do her share in nation building,” Recto said. Vilma, my wife, worked more than fifty years I think it’s time to take a rest. There’s no doubt she is qualified – as she has her head in the right place, and her heart in the right place.

If Vilma Santos is to ask, she is putting everything in God’s hands. Vice-president Binay is eying Vilma Santos as his running mate.

According to VP Binay, Governor Vilma is being considered as my running mate. As they say, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. In other words, it ain’t over as to who would be my Vice Presidential bet until we declare it.

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