DND clarifies long-range patrol aircraft specification to at least 8 possible bidders

“To ensure maximum capability, the Department of National Defense (DND) has informed prospective bidders for its P5.9-billion long range patrol aircraft (LRPA) project that advanced aerial surveillance cameras must be part of the designs they are submitting,” as reported by Philippine News Agency.

The Department of National Defense, in its supplemental bid bulletin, said that these sensors must be installed underneath the fuselage and must provide unrestricted 360 degree view in the horizontal plane and 165-degree view in the vertical plane (60-degree up and 105-degree down) for video surveillance and identification of targets.

“The turret shall be a retractable design to reduce aerodynamic drag when stowed or in operation. The EO/IR turret can be pointed by the search radar to a designated geo pointing system. A remote hand controller is installed for use at the sensor operator consoles. It should have ISO 9001:2008 certification,” DND’s supplemental bid bulletin added.

Bid opening and submission is scheduled on Aug. 11.

The possible bidders include Canadian firm Field Aviation Ltd., Elbit Systems Ltd., Elta Systems Ltd., EADS CASA Airbus, SAAB Defense and Security, Canada-based Bombardier Aerospace, PT Dirgantara Indonesia and American defense contractors Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon Company and L3 Mission Integration.

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