Cebu being groomed to house incoming assets of Philippine Navy

“Considering the strength of the area, this will be the official place and home for all our support and current floating assets and those that will be acquired in the future,” said Vice Admiral Jesus Millan, Philippine Navy’s Flag Officer in Command.

Navy chief Millan told the new Central Naval Forces Commodore Ronald Joseph Mercado to prepare Cebu’s Naval Base Rafael Ramos as the gateway for the all ground and sea assets of Philippine Fleet.

According to Millan, having Cebu as the country’s center for ship production and repair, it is appropriate to house the Philippine Fleet in Visayas.

“We need to be more prepared after what we have experienced and we already learned our lesson,” the new NAVFORCEN commander said. Mercado also vowed to focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster response in the Visayas territory.

On the other hand, outgoing NAVFORCEN Commander Reynaldo Yoma will be the new commander of Western Mindanao Naval Forces. “With the experiences he achieved in the Visayas, I am sure he will carry out his function in the other part of the country because he is competent,” Navy chief said.

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