AFP is in good hands, P18 billion from DAP helped modernize the military

“We are in good hands, our President is taking good care of us, let’s help him, let’s pray for him,” newly assigned AFP Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gregorio Pio Catapang said during his visit to Clark Air Base.

The AFP chief also urged the force to remain professional and non-partisan amid the DAP controversy. “We should allow the democratic process to take its course and let the judicial, the executive, and the legislative branches of the government deal with this.”

“After all these things have been said and done these things would probably reconcile, so let us not meddle in the affairs and let’s just do our job.”

“That is the ruling and we can’t do anything about it. But this is part of the dynamics of democracy. Let the legal experts share their ideas and opinions while the executive branch awaits the decision on its motion for reconsideration.”

Catapang also confirmed the AFP was benefited with the said mechanism to accelerate services to the people. “Of course we are also a beneficiary of this DAP, in fact we have been a beneficiary way back.”

According to Catapang, Php18 billion helped in the modernization program of the AFP.

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