Air Force, Army, Navy thanked President Aquino for the modernization

“We are very thankful of President Aquino’s unprecedented support to our modernization and capability upgrade programs. Even before the signing of the Revised AFP Modernization Act in 2012, more than P16 billion was made available for the acquisition and upgrading of our assets. His continued support to our efforts to modernize the AFP will surely empower us in fulfilling our mandate,” Armed Force of the Philippines Public Affairs Office Chief Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala told the Philippines News Agency.

The Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force and Philippine Navy with their spokespersons, individually stated how thankful the three forces are for the President’s effort to modernize the Armed Forces.

“With the support the Army is getting, our Army Transformation Roadmap is well on its way of achieving the Army’s vision by 2028 [of being] a world-class Army that is a source of national pride,” Philippine Army (PA) spokesperson Lt. Col. Noel Detoyato said.

“The Philippine Navy is very grateful for the continued support of the President. That support can be felt down to the grassroots level, the sailors and the marines, as we continuously pursue in achieving the objectives set in our strategic sail plan and towards the attainment of our vision which is to become strong and credible,” Philippine Navy (PN) public affairs office chief Cmdr. Gregory Fabic said.

“The leadership, men and women of the Philippine Air Force, are grateful for the support of our Commander-in-Chief. The modernization of the PAF offers numerous opportunity such as further upgrading the skills of [our airmen] and expanding our capability to support territorial defense, internal security, humanitarian assistance and disaster response and national development,” Philippine Air Force (PAF) spokesperson Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya.

As reported by Philippine News Agency, since the term of President Aquino, the AFP have contracted for 12 FA-50 Philippine version fighter jets, eight combat utility helicopters, eight attack helicopters, 63,000 units of brand-new M-4 automatic rifles, 21 refurbished combat utility helicopters, and 28 upgraded APCs.

Also, the Philippine Navy is waiting for 2 attack helicopters and two strategic sealift vessels.

Deliveries of these military hardware are expected to be finished starting the end of the year to 2017, some deliveries have already started. While acquisition process for Navy frigates and assault amphibious vehicle are on the later stage.

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