DND orders 10 small amphibian vehicles for the Marines

Department of National Defense awarded Hydratek to supply the Philippine Marine Corps with 10 units of brand new small amphibian vehicle.

Contingent of marines are putting forth the future amphibious vehicles through rigorous routines to increase their pace and agility in combating with readiness of the forces every day. These amphibious assault vehicles are among the best on the survivability and future platform vehicles developed by the US marine corporation. Frequent operational checks are exhibited to keep the other assault vehicles at bay.

The main focus for the testing of the vehicles is safety and ensuring that all the testing is done on a scheduled basis, since it is a risky operation like trading online with the Top 10 Binary Signals both the crew members and marine operators is exhausting and quite dangerous. The smaller or bigger size of these vehicles become immaterial when it has to be launched on the back of an amphibious ship at different speeds to see how it performs and different speed levels including the maximum speed which brings in the riskiest operation for the operator.

Functioning as the different form of fleet, there are more so the armtrackers who maintain and operate these vehicles frequently, making the dream test on the vehicles next to reality. Since its inception in 1940s the amphibious vehicles have been serving as a test bed for all Marine Corps, going by the rule in the book meticulously.

Defense Studies, through their source, acquired the Notice of Award for the said deal with US-based private company Hydratek.

The Notice of Award was conformed by Hydratek’s representative dated April 10, 2014.

The NOA says, “This is to inform you that the proposal of Hydratek, Inc. for the supply and delivery of ten (10) units Small Amphibian Vehicle for the Philippine Marine Corps with a corresponding contract price of Sixty Six Million Eight Hundred Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four Pesos and 90/100 (P66,816,934.90), is hereby accepted.”

“You are hereby required to provide ten (10) days the performance security in the form and amount stipulated in the bidding document. Failure to provide the performance security shall constitute sufficient grounds for cancellation of the award.”

The said document was signed by Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin.

As per Hydratek’s product description, “This vehicle is also popular with public safety organizations that routinely deal with the threat of hurricanes or river flooding.”

It can carry a payload of 3,000 lbs in land and 1,400 lbs, with seating capacity of 6 persons,

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