Russia looking to supply PH with radar and missile systems

In an exclusive interview of Manila Bulletin with visiting Russian Federal Service Deputy Director Konstantin Biryulin for Military-Technical Cooperation, it was made known that Russia is currently negotiating with Philippine government to provide the country’s armed forces with “radar stations and means of intercepting and destruction of violators.”

Russia may be offering the Department of National Defense with radar and surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems, something that could shot down an aircraft flying in an altitude of 10,000 meters or more sophisticated hardware.

“We fully understand the problems Philippines has to face with its huge maritime border,” Konstantin Biryulin told Manila Bulletin on Friday.

“We have similar problems in Russia and we know how to tackle them. That’s why we have a proposal regarding equipments which could help in controlling those areas.”

About a day ago, a Russian-made SAM was reported to have allegedly downed a Malaysian Airlines plane killing 298 persons on board.

Would China or US allow a Russia-PH military hardware deal, will Philippines enter in this kind of deal.

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