Aquino assured AFP modernization will never slow down

President Benigno Aquino III said today, July 17 at the Asian Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference (ADAS 2014), that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is being modernize not merely because of growing tension in the West Philippine Sea.

“Lest anyone accuse us of shifting to a more militaristic position, I must emphasize, our efforts to seek to modernize the capabilities of our security sector is to address the needs in human disaster response arenas and our internal defense,” Aquino said in his speech during the event.


President Aquino opened this year’s Asian Defense, Security and Crisis Management (ADAS) exhibition and conference, held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. – President’s New Media Team

“None of these actions are meant to increase tensions in the region; rather, they are meant to address our domestic problems and issues,” the President added.

The President assured modernization of the military will never be slowed down.

“Anytime we have an opportunity to make our military more efficient, we have every intention of taking that opportunity,” Aquino emphasized.

Aquino said that that long-range patrol aircrafts, close-air support aircrafts, anti-submarine helicopters, frigates, full missile capable multi-purpose attack crafts will soon be in the military’s inventory.

“While nothing [our] government can provide will truly ever match the sacrifices they have [our military] made in our country’s name, the very least we can do is throw our full support behind them — to make certain that those who risk their lives for the country are likewise taken care of by their country,” Aquino said.

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