Strategic Sealift Vessel of the Philippine Navy coming without weapon system

Contract for two units of Indonesian PT PAL’s variant of Makassar-class Landing Platform Dock was signed last January 2014.

These Makassar-class LPD will act as Philippine Navy’s Strategic Sealift Vessel when delivered.

With the budget of PhP4 billion or PhP3.864 billion contract price, PT PAL will not be able to build 2 ships completely if weapon and sensor systems are included in the contract.

Weapon and Sensor system will be provided by the Philippine government in a separate acquisition or will temporarily use available resources.

The contractor will only provide basic navigation system.

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Currently, PT PAL in coordination with Philippine government is building vessels with specifications provided by Department of National Defense.

Philippine Navy’s Strategic Sealift Vessels can act as the force’s floating command center while carrying out its main purpose as military sealift and transport vessel in events of disasters and calamities.

It will house a Presidential Room and a War Room to accommodate the Republic’s head and other high ranking military officials when need arises.

These sealift vessels will be carrying landing craft utility/mechanized, including the upcoming Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) and attack helicopters.

Each vessel can carry up to 500 troops plus a hundred vessel crew.

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