PH army to receive 28 upgraded APCs with state-of-the-art system

“We are very pleased to be awarded our first contract for the Philippines Armed Forces (AFP), which we hope will be followed by others,” said Udi Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems’ Land and C4I.

“Our extensive portfolio and our vast experience enable us to offer our customers advanced solutions, answering the specific requirements of various combat vehicles, and this award further positions us as world leaders in the field of ground vehicle upgrades,” Vered added.

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Elbit will be upgrading 28 M113A2s granted by US Defense Security Cooperation Agency to the Philippines. The said upgrade has a contract price of USD2 million.


Upgrades for the said APCs include four 25 mm unmanned turrets, six 12.7 mm heavy machine gun on remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS), and fourteen fire control systems (FCS) for 90 mm turrets. Four APCS will be turned into armored recovery vehicles.

Expected complete delivery is next year 2015.

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