Philippines interested in Russian BMP-3F – report

According to report, Russia and the Philippines are now talking for the possible purchase of Soviet’s amphibious infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3F.

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Philippines is now on the acquisition process for eight amphibious assault vehicles. Previous report said that South Korea’s Samsung Techwin is the sole bidder for the said project.

In January 2014, Rosoboronexport delivered 37 BMP-3F to Indonesia.


BMP-3F is a variant designed to operate at sea. This version can continuously operate in waters for seven hours with running engine at maximum speed of 10 kph, and 72 kph in surfaced road.

It is one of the most heavily armed infantry combat vehicles which carries 2A70 100mm gun, 2A72 30mm autocannon, and three secondary 7.62 mm machine guns.

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