Philippines to request for a quicker tribunal resolution for West PH Sea

“Since China is not participating, perhaps we could get a quicker resolution from the tribunal,” Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said in a report by GMA News Online.

“What we want to do because China is not participating and because the situation is getting worse every day in the South China Sea, I am asking our retainers in the US if we can present a request to the tribunal if they can hasten the process,” del Rosario added.

“We obviously have a situation that is exacerbating there and we need to do something urgently to be able to curtail a possible jeopardy,” the foreign secretary said.


Experts say if China continues to be not participating in the arbitration the Hague-based court may come up to a ruling by 2015. The foreign secretary may be asking for a more earlier resolution. Once decision is released it will be legally binding on all parties and is not appealable.

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