China eyes to reclaim second reef in West PH Sea, preparing to establish ADIZ

According to South China Morning Post, China is planning to reclaim Fiery Cross Reef known as Kagitingan Reef in Philippines. This is in the wake of reclamation activity of China in Mabini reef.

As posted by SCMP, “The proposal to build an artificial island there had been submitted to the central government, said Jin Canrong , a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing. The artificial island would be at least double the size of the US military base of Diego Garcia, a remote coral atoll occupying an area of 44 square kilometres in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Jin added.”

“It’s a very complicated oceanic engineering project, so we need to learn from the experience (outcome of reclamation in Mabini Reef),” said Jin Canrong. Approval of the said reclamation will depend on the success of activities in Mabini Reef.


Li Jie said, an expert from the Chinese Naval Research Institute, Kagitingan Reef if turned into island will be built with a port and airstrip that will provide military supplies and assistance.

An unnamed retired People’s Liberation Army senior colonel said with these structures China can better prepare for the establishment of an air defence identification zone over the South China Sea.

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