You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software

You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software


I have been scammed numerous times:

There was a time when I was very sure that binary options and trading online in all its derivatives were just not my cup of tea. There was no convincing that you could get me there again. I had lost my hard earned money to the tune of hundreds of dollars and I was thinking that I would be a fool to get back there and risk losing more money!

How wrong I was!

The problem was never with trading online per se. the problem was that I was investing my money and times in the wrong places. There are scums everywhere and the ones in this field are the ones who make the most noise to attract custom.

The genuine ones prefer to work silently while the fraudsters are the ones that make the most noise from making tall promises on big returns to almost promising new members that they would become millionaires in unrealistically little time if they opened a trading account with them.

If you are currently dealing with trading software and this is what the website is telling you at the time of funding your trading account, stop in your tracks now. There is one thing that you can do to make sure that you do not get scammed by these goons.


I must confess that when I started out, I overestimated my knowledge about online trading and transactions. I never even bothered reading on the various websites and to think that I was being smart is my greatest naivety.

However, after being bitten once, I have smartened up for good!

Whether it is trading in the online medium or actually trading at the stock exchanges, a trader cannot afford to short-change reading for his street smartness. The trader must read to keep himself abreast with the market and its dynamics. It is through reading and research that he will come to a logical conclusion. If not for anything else, it will clear a lot of cobwebs in his mind and allow him to think instinctively and practically.

My second stint at trading:

This time I was destined to be better at trading because I had read and educated myself. I knew all the signs of a scam and I could take a look at the home page and say at one glance if the program was a legit one. Don’t wait, read and decide now!


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