Chinese general wants to attack Ayungin Shoal

Luo Yuan, a retired Major General of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, said in his commentary regarding the recent arrest of 11 Chinese fishermen, “We have maintained a great deal of restraint and patience. Philippines invaded our eight reefs, and is now arresting our fishermen. When are we going to fight back?”

“It is incorrect to assume that China will completely rule out military action in any event during this ‘period of strategic opportunity,” he said. “To safeguard our sovereign and territory rights, we will never hesitate to face up to any military challenge,” he added.

“Also, considering the relative military strengths of China and the Philippines, the Filipino people can judge for themselves the wisdom or otherwise of their government’s decision to take this stand against China,” Luo Yuan said implying that China has greater military capabilities than Philippines.

Luo Yuan also said that troops in the BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal must be arrested, else, China has a variety of means to clear the territory and international community should understand. According to him, China should respond tooth for tooth, eye for eye, to take further measures.

38 thoughts on “Chinese general wants to attack Ayungin Shoal

  1. Jan

    when will china recognize the international law as the best means of resolving maritime disputes particularly UNCLOS of 1982.

  2. jaypax

    lol, china cant attack philippines it will just trigger a world war 3! an attack to the philippines is an attack to the US! "mutual treaty".

  3. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    that's the mistake of china releasing a warning . they don't know our leader are different right now and on the right tract and direction that they cannot easily cow and frightened . Try what they can do. stop war mongering .abide the law of other nation just like how we respect them also. Don"t come to our territory and their ship are too big to travel long distance which they do not own anymore.

  4. Jayvee Pastor Franci

    Come on. attack now. We can see how courage you are. your fishermen illegal fishing here. so the philippines caught you derivable endangered species

  5. Jayvee Pastor Franci

    they think it's easy to attack in Ayungin Shoal. american troops are already have a military base in Ayungin Shoal.

  6. Jayvee Pastor Franci

    buti kung Philippines and america to help fighting. many country surrounds their country

  7. dave

    those hairy titted yetis/..
    they dont what there saying
    they ae claiming the territories because it is obvius that
    they had limited water resources thats why they are trying to take
    what is not belong to them


    and also for the oil

  8. ur_hindsight

    Yeah, you don't even take care of the endangered turtles there. Philippines is doing a huge task protecting them from egg hatching to adding flippers to handicapped turtles. Shame on you China

  9. Alexander Barreda Yo

    “It is incorrect to assume that China will completely rule out military action in any event during this ‘period of strategic opportunity,” he said. “To safeguard our sovereign and territory rights, we will never hesitate to face up to any military challenge,” he added.

    …if yours yes its idiotic to think like him right now

  10. Christian S. Suarez

    Hmmm i guess chinese military experimental has to do with lost Malaysian flight MH370..they must be question about it after months of declaring an air sovereignty about possible intrusion in what they called 8 dashed…what do you think…

  11. aezen M

    That Major General is RETARD.No wonder he retired.Well,if he wants to attack the Ayungin Shoal,better think twice General.Philippines is not alone in this war.I guess the saying is right. "History will just keeps on repeating itself". We do not war, everybody does. That's what happen on WW2. Only the aggressor wants it. God Bless Us All.

  12. Itsmekara Hasan

    fuck treaty,. look at ukraine now. where is the treaty ? america will only say,. aaah you chinese can no more eat in our mcdonald restaurant, why you attack philippines.. thats the sanction..

  13. Roland Emmanuel Salu

    AMERICAN – failed to please Filipinos so they gave their Independence.
    JAPAN – failed to invade Philippines because of a very tactical fighting style of guerrilla. Once it said, Philippines was the hardest battle we've encountered in Pacific Asia. – "General Kingoro Hashimoto"

  14. Jeff Bagang

    that abnormal general has no combat experience thats why he never understand what war is really about.. war is portal for glory come on attack us now and we will give you a tough fight moron…

  15. DarkJustice

    To this general,read this; I am 60y/o,a Filipino retiree like you and I am happy to challenge you to have a hand to hand combat in any neutral country!

  16. Rick Pila

    This is a sign of China's fear fighting the Philippines because US and other Philippine Allies. Its obvious of a Fear sign right? Oh, How I wish they (The Chinese) will do what they said as they are full of talks and without action. They begin to act like the Muslim terrorist rebels in Mindanao:)

  17. adan

    This mongol general will say anything just to catch the spot light of controversy. We Filipinos are peace loving but were not afraid to shed blood for our mother land.

  18. ANON

    CHINA – Will Invade the philippines by the use of 3 Nuclear Missiles Targeted at Manila, Pampanga, and Cavite.
    Your corrupt government had no funds for defense at all.

  19. Art B

    to all CHINESE, STOP EATING HUMAN FETUS or you'll END up like that STUPID GENERAL of YOURS!!!

  20. Antonio Gamboa

    Sorry Pare, They will not even bother. We have love our country and Unite, support for the good and welfare. I am out of the Phil. If it will be needed I have to go back.

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