32 Pro-Russia Protester burned to death in Ukraine

A total of 46 pro-Russian protester have died in Ukraine on Friday, according to Ukraine emergency agency 36 of them lost their lives after Odessa Trade Unions House was set on fire by anti-Russian. “32 of the dead were found inside the building, eight more were found outside by law enforcement officers,” agency’s statement reads.

“There are 32 bodies inside. They are absolutely unrecognisable, simply black from head to foot. It will take at least two days to finish the investigative work here,” said Moris Ibrahimov, a local man.


130 poeple are now detained by police following the bloody clashes.

Meanwhile, Pro-Russia supporters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa have voiced their anger a day after 46 people were killed.

Pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine hold more than 12 towns. Several million residents of Ukraine live under control of armed separatists believed backed by Moscow.

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