China building airstrip inside PH territory

“On 04 April 2014, the Philippines protested Chinese reclamation on Mabini (Johnson) Reef. The Chinese side rejected the protest. The President raised the Mabini Reef issue in Nay Pyi Taw. The Philippines already included Mabini Reef in the Memorial to clarify Mabini Reef’s physical character,” said in an official statement of Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.

The said reef is embraced by Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone as defined in United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), a treaty signed by more than a hundred countries including China and Philippines.

In a report from Reuters, “Philippine Foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose told Reuters that China had been moving earth and materials to Johnson South Reef, known by the Chinese as Chigua, in recent weeks. He said China was reclaiming land in violation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, an informal code of conduct for the region.”

Jose told Reuters China is about to build an Airstrip in Mabini or Johnson Reef.

China had repeatedly expressed its undisputable historical territorial claims to almost all of South China Sea raising disputes with its neighboring countries in Asia.

2 thoughts on “China building airstrip inside PH territory

  1. renato de leon

    noticeable is the quick, bold and radical actions of the chinese that leave philippines and others ‘side stepped’ and left mostly with complaints and protests. ar we expecting that the chinese will heed our pleadings even to international bodies? noticeable also is the seemingly anticipated moves by the philippines that allowed china to make moves that may prove difficult to block. are we expecting the chinese to abandon what they have constructed at mabini? noticeable also is the absence of ‘counter-side stepping actions by the philippines to REALLY claim the remaining outcrops, shoals and islets which we say belong to us. My barber said last week, ‘Sana dun ipadala yung mga taong nakatira sa ilalim ng jones bridge..libre bahay, libre suporta, basta ‘me titira sa mga islang atin’. Ridiculous sounding but at least he said also:, “kaya nga itong inuupuan mo ‘me pangalan ko, para hindi gagamitin ng ibang ng barbero!”…left me thinking qbout the reasons why even the US didn’t anticipate well the now full blown threat to their influence in Asia so that the US couldn’t seem to find a good preventive solution. Most of us in this asia theater are expectators of what are going on in Syria in the middle east and now in the eastern front …all the time, we were caught unaware of the chinese maneuvers. Back in the Philippines, we indulge ourselves on entertainments of Napoles that looks like ‘pinalalabo’ kahit malabo na, pinatatagal dahil malapit na elections shows at surely, makakalimutan ng bagong president…even trivial issues about Vhong Navarro. over there in the Philippines, the government spend so much public money ..everyday but can not and afford to lay foundations to ur claims on islets that are ours, ..and tehy are very near the archipelago. Now, who says the chinese do not know how to measure the distances between these islets/shoals and our shores? Their abacus clearly show they are located far, but they Asked: “Then what” while in our Philippines, people ask: “Who will it be: Binay, Roxas or Vilma?..leaving us only also entertained also by the soon to come dreams war boats and planes and…wait, ano na nangyari dun sa na rape daw ni Vhong, maganda pa naman yun…Bakit sila ang bilis ng kaso nila?…sorry out of the topic si idol Vhong..carried away…sorry.

  2. Karl G Quieta

    pnoy sould ask this to the UN.. Is the UN still respectable? after what happen in crimea and in south china sea.are rules are fading out while china making its own rule???
    they bknow how to sign,but they dont know how to follow the rules.. code of conducts are already useless.why not we build our own airstrip or naval yards at ayungin?why not militarized he islands inside our ezz?

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